CERBERUS RISING is now in audio!

Cerberus Rising, the collaborative collection from myself, M. Ennenbach, and Patrick C. Harrison III, is finally available in audiobook through Audible, iTunes, and Amazon! All of us—and a good many of our readers—consider this some of, if not THE, best writing any of us has ever published. Narrated by the wonderful voice actor Daniel Caravetta—who narrated my novels THE HARD GOODBYE, THE DAMNED PLACE, and THE DAMNED ONES—proves once and for all he is in a league all his own as he covers these nine very diverse tales, employing accents and emotions pitch perfectly to infuse the listener into the experience. And that’s what it is—an experience. We have a terrific foreword included here (and read by Caravetta perfectly) from the Splatterpunk Award Winning novelist Christine Morgan, author of Lakehouse Infernal and The Night Silver River Run Red, a dedication to everyone’s favorite horror fan Brad Tierney, and, of course, the nine novelettes and three poems covering the themes of Cabin Fever, Letters, and Chaos. Check it out in the car on your commute, listen at home in the dark (or the light, but what fun is that?), or do a total immersion experience reading the Kindle or paperback while listening along to the audio. Any which way you choose, you’re in for the very best ride of the year in the book Lisa Lee Tone of Bibliophilia Templum says “isn’t just a book, it’s a psychological experience”. We hope you enjoy and, please, leave a review when you finish. They really help!

Thank you so much for all the support and keep reading!



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