UPDATE: 7-25-19

So, I’ve been super busy and it looks like I’m not going to get the Newsletter out for July. That’s okay, I’ll have a double portion for the August Newsletter to fill everyone in. In the meantime, we’ll just share a few things here.

THE DAMNED PLACE has been released! On July 6th, Black Bed Sheet Books released my epic, coming-of-age horror novel, and it looks absolutely phenomenal. Coming in at 582 pages, this is a thick, hefty tome you can easily spend several days or even weeks lost inside and get an introduction to The Damned Trilogy. I’ve gotten the second installment, THE DAMNED ONES, back from the editor. I’ve got a couple scenes to rework to get things just right, but it will be done before long and I’ll present it to my publisher. My goal–which may or may not be the goal of the publisher–is to see this second installment released between 6 and 12 months from the date this first one was, which will put it coming out sometime between February and July of 2020, giving enough time for THE DAMNED PLACE to get established and gain readers eager to see what’s coming after the sinister cliffhanger ending and thirsty for more, but not so long that it has faded from memory. So, that’s my goal. We’ll see if the publisher wants to do it that way or not. I’ll certainly keep everyone informed on the progress of that book as it develops.

In the meantime, I’ve written another novel earlier this spring/early summer, a secret project which should release early in 2020. I can’t say much about this book, what it’s about, or even the title, but I will say this about it: it is a standalone novel that also crosses over into my other work, and anyone up to date with my other books will get a little grin on their face when they see how it ties in. I’ve also written a brand new novella that I’ve done a couple of drafts on so far, and I plan to do one more before it goes to an editor. I’ll be getting it out for submissions later this year (that’s the goal, anyway), but have no projection as to exactly when it might come out as of now. Again, I’ll report on it as soon as I know one way or another.

I’ve been invited to contribute to an invite-only anthology in the past few days, and I’m currently working on putting together a short story. Though it was invite-only, there is still not a guarantee it will be chosen for inclusion, so cross your fingers and say a prayer for me that I knock this one out of the park. So far, it’s coming along fantastically, so I’m optimistic.

Aside from all of that, I’m still aiming to start the third novel of The Damned Trilogy this fall (once all these other works are finalized and off my plate). I want to start that one with a completely cleared writing schedule. I’m sure that something will come up along the way, maybe a new short or two, and I’m also in talks with a couple of other authors about co-writing some things with them, so in all likelihood I’ll be working on that alongside THE DAMNED TOWN, but I aim to at least start it with 100% of my focus on that novel. It will bring a close to The Damned Saga, but also springboard several other works, which you’ll just have to wait on to see the beautiful tapestry I’m attempting to construct here, so keep an eye out.

And, of course, I’ve got another five or so novels and novellas planned in the coming years beyond this. As with all my work, all of them will take place in the same universe, with characters popping up across all of them, but these will be standalone, one-off novels where I can experiment and grow in my craft. Keep an eye out for some new things with all I’ve got coming. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

And that’s about all. Plenty is happening, but I’m so busy at the moment that I can’t lay it all out for you, for which I apologize. Watch your inbox in August for the new Newsletter where I’ll have even more exciting news to share, and while I’ve got you, go grab yourself a copy of THE DAMNED PLACE if you haven’t already (and don’t forget to check out my other offerings, all of which can be found here). THE DAMNED PLACE can be found here, and I do hope you’ll leave a review, be it positive, negative, or meh. They really help, and provide valuable feedback for me to make my future work as good as it can be.

Take care, do some reading, and God bless!

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