BOOK REVIEW: Night of 1,000 Beasts by John Palisano

A fun, lightning-paced bloodbath on a mountain in Colorado.

This was a really enjoyable romp of wild horror. Some friends go skiing in Colorado, and after an avalanche, they start seeing different sorts of animals which seem to be hybrids with humans. And they’re big and mean and have sharp teeth and claws as well.

The monsters are varied and the action literally never stops throughout, not letting you breathe. This book relies on its premise more than it does its characters to compel the reader, but it works, and that isn’t to say the characters are uninteresting. They are. It’s just that the story is king here, and keeps things clipping along at a few light-years per second, all the way to the final pages.

Like horror? Don’t miss it. If you’re not into horror, the gore and savage fights to the death may not sit well with you, but I’d say buck up and read it anyway. It’s a whole lot of fun. Find it in print, digital, and audio here.

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